Winter PJ’s

Choosing winter pajamas that are warm… but still flattering and even sexy.

Winter is here, so let’s talk about how to choose pajamas that don’t say “No Trespassing”, but still keep you from freezing! Remember warm should not mean dowdy.

Always go with a 2-piece set.

Nighties and sleepshirts tend to be colder, and you have to wear them with thick socks, which can be off-putting. Thus, then to stay warm stick to a 2-piece pajama set.

But how do you make it sexy?

  •          Bright colours look sexy

Go for bright colours, like deep purple and deep red or black. Stay away from pastels.

  •          Prints can be sexy too

Animal prints and plaids will give you a sexy look.

  •          Buttons are sexy

Buttons can be Unbuttoned, so stick to a 2-piece with buttons instead of a pull-over top.

  •          Choose a form fitting pajama instead of a baggy one, as they will show off your curves and shape.
  •          Satin is always sexy

Satin can be surprisingly warm, and the material exudes sex appeal, So try mixing it up with cotton, fleece or velour.

Finally, here’s another hot tip: buy some satin sheets. If you have a really warm duvet, the satin sheets will keep you warm and they can add some heat to the bedroom.


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