The Bralette

The bralette

All this craze about the bralette .What is a bralette? Well, the bralette is the kid sister of the bra .She’s dainty, lacy, flirty and comfortable.

So, is the bralette bra the right choice for you? Well the answer depends on what kind of support or comfort you are looking for.
The bralette has recently become a trend to be sported as a camisole or a top (if you’re young perhaps you can pull this look off).

How to wear the bralette:

  • Pair a bralette with a high-waist shorts and an unbuttoned shirt (depending on how much skin you are comfortable showing).
  • Wear a lacy bralette with a nice maxi skirt for a fancier event.
  • Not sure what to put on under a sheer white shirt? A lacy bralette looks really cute.
  • Keep it simple by wearing a bralette with a high-waist jeans.
  • A bralette is also great to wear under a shirt or dress that has an open back.
  • A lacy black bralette peaking out under a loose sheer sweater is ideal on a chilly day.
  • Play with layers by wearing a bralette under your tank tops, kimono’s or loose T-shirts.

Above are a few ways to wear your bralettes. Be creative and find other ways to style your outfits with this versatile and trendy garment.


- Aneesa Suliman

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