Do you know how to fit a bra?

bra fitting guide

Did you know more than 70% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra? Yet all it takes to be fitted with the correct size is a tape measure and a few easy steps.

Measure yourself every 6 months to make sure you are wearing the correct size bra.

Step 1: Bad measurement - measure from back to front without any clothes on and right underneath the bust. If the measurement is an odd number add 5” and for an even number add 4”. E.g. If the measurement is 29” add 5” thus your size is 34”.

Step 2: Cup measurement-measure around your bust from back to front at the largest part of your bust and make sure the tape measure is loose, e.g. 37”. Subtract that from the band size and you will get 3”. Now every 1 inch equals a cup size, i.e. 1’’ = A, 2’’ =B, 3’’ =C, etc. Thus, your correct size is a 34C bra.

To see if your bra size is a good fit do the following tests:

The Band Test:

The front and the back of the band should be parallel to the floor. If the band rides up your back, then it is too large. If it digs into your flesh it is too small.

The Cup Test:

If the cups are too small your breasts will bulge out the top and out of your arm holes. If the cups are too large they will be wrinkly and there will be a gap between your breast and the cup.

The Strap Test:

Your straps should not fall off your shoulders nor should they dig into your shoulder. An easy way to test if your bra is a good it is to drop the straps off your shoulders. The bra should stay put, if it drops then you need to be re measured.


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